Thursday, April 3

Who has created these things?—Isa. 40:26.

In the physical world, precise timing can be seen on a microscopic as well as on a macroscopic scale. Atoms vibrate at consistent rates. International time-standard clocks regulated by atomic vibrations are accurate to 1 second in 80 million years. The movement of planets and stars is also precisely timed. Their predictable positions in the sky have been used to mark the seasons and to navigate. Jehovah—the Maker of these reliable “timepieces”—is indeed “vigorous in power” and deserves our praise. Precise timing can be observed in the world of biology. The life cycles of many plants and animals are regulated by internal clocks. Many birds instinctively know when to begin their migration. (Jer. 8:7) Humans too have internal clocks, usually governed by the 24-hour cycle of day and night. (Ps. 104:24) Yes, the Great Timekeeper is all-wise and all-powerful. w12 5/15 3:3, 4

Mar. 31  Bible reading:  Exodus 1-6

No. 2: Christ’s Return Is Invisible (rs p. 341 ¶3–p. 342 ¶2)

No. 3: Abiram—Opposing God-Appointed Authority Is Tantamount to Opposing Jehovah (it-1 p. 25, Abiram No. 1)

MARCH 31, 2014–APRIL 6, 2014

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MARCH 31, 2014–APRIL 6, 2014

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